Our Principles

Our Principles
SG has made a firm commitment to act in the global marketplace in accordance with the following principles:

Do What’s Right

We have repeatedly chosen our principles before profits and declined business opportunities because of concerns about the conduct and reputation of a prospective partner. On the global level, we believe business should be a force in solving, not contributing to society’s problems and our response to any situation must always be to do what is right.

Stewardship and Accountability

The name of our firm, “Sciath” comes from the Gaelic to defend, to protect, to shield. At SG we sees ourselves as personally responsible for protecting and advancing the capital and interests of our investors, employees and companies.

Global Citizenship

SG believes we are global citizens and need to act accordingly. We work hard to develop company partnerships all over the globe, transcending national, cultural, religious and political divisions.


We are entrepreneurs, so we understand how to differentiate the firm through creative thinking and rapid action. We seek to hire executives who think like leaders and who make decisions based on their convictions rather than on their insecurities and fear of risk.


We strive to be the best in everything we do. To succeed, we have a relentless attention to detail and focus only on results-based performance.