Information Technology

SG is actively investing in information technology companies across a broad range of areas including consumer, semiconductors, security and enterprise.

Aerospace & Defense

SG is actively investing in security & defense contractor companies with focus on IT software/solution, intelligence, cyber security, autonomous robotics, sensors and platforms and supply chain security capabilities. One of the more significant opportunities coming out of the recent rapid globalization trend is security of critical assets, from intellectual property in software to personal identity to physical protection of supply chains and critical infrastructures. The global security market size is estimated to exceed $150b by 2025, and companies with applicable products and services that can be leveraged across both commercial and government markets are positioned to surpass the more traditional government-dependent, weapon system focused companies. SG most recently funded an acquisition company that is focused on acquiring established, well-managed and consistently profitable security/defense contractors to address this need.

Energy & Power

SG is actively investing in clean energy technology companies. The most significant global trend is urbanization, the creation of mega cities, as four billion people move from rural to urban living in the next 50 years. They will all need clean power, transportation and water. SG believes this trend could be the largest economic opportunity of the 21st century and it is a global challenge that demands great innovation, speed and scale. SG most recently funded a joint venture company in conjunction with a global energy supplier and a leading energy efficiency research institute to fund smart grid application and storage solution companies.


Within five years, mobile internet users will exceed desktop internet users. Consumers and business users expect to have 24×7 access to their content (music, video, photos, business software, location based services, e-commerce). This trend is putting massive pressure and therefore a premium on capacity throughput in IP networks. SG most recently funded an acquisition company that is focused on acquiring IP network infrastructure and technology companies.

Smart Industry

Currently valued at $66.67B and expected to reach $152.31B by 2022, Smart Industry market companies leverage disruptive technologies (e.g. AI/ML, Analytics, Autonomy & Blockchain) to enable cyber-physical systems to monitor the physical processes of the system (or factory etc.) and make decentralized decisions. The physical systems become Internet of Things, communicating and cooperating both with each other and with humans in real time via the wireless web. Sciath targets funding companies and projects which include the following characteristics:

  • Interoperability — machines, devices, sensors and people that connect and communicate with one another.
  • Information transparency — the systems create a virtual copy of the physical world through sensor data in order to contextualize information.
  • Technical assistance — both the ability of the systems to support humans in making decisions and solving problems and the ability to assist humans with tasks that are too difficult or unsafe for humans.
  • Decentralized decision-making — the ability of cyber-physical systems to make simple decisions on their own and become as autonomous as possible.

SG most recently funded an acquisition company ( focused on licensing technologies and acquiring companies focused on digital (“crypto”) asset production and distribution.